We started as the creators of a social media movement called Ketflix and Pills. Since 2016, we have managed to build a community of over 500,000 followers and we quickly realised that our fans share a love for comedy, and a passion for clubbing, festivals, recreational drugs and underground culture.

KP MAG is dedicated to delivering quality content, and we’re now embarking on a mission to grow our rave loving community, one like at a time. The support so far in backing our mission to break down the taboos that club land brings has been unimaginable!

We understand that a lot of people don’t get the lifestyle that our underground sub-culture provides. Our content offends them. Our language is alien. All we ask is that you have an open mind and share our movement, or at least try to understand it.

Team KP x



We deliver content covering clubbing, festivals, drugs and underground culture

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