XOYO have announced a renovated second room

The well known East London Club has raised the game with new speakers and a new booth

So, London’s club XOYO has finally renovated it’s second room with a helping hand from an attendee of the venue, artwork.

The club, which is owned by The Columbo Group, has repositioned and upgraded the PA system as well as moving the decks into a more central location. The room has also become darker and its walls have been layered with acoustic absorption foam to increase sound quality across the dance floor.

The complete renovation was overlooked by Artwork, real name Arthur Smith, who has played in XOYO’s second room many times over the last three years. Smith remarked: “XOYO’s Room 2 was shit. I made it better.”

Director and head booker of XOYO, Andy Peyton said: “Our initial thought with room two was to have it as bar which you can dance in. As it went on we found ourselves adding more lighting to make it more clubby. We decided to take the plunge, spend the money and get the builders in to make it a great club room.”


XOYO have announced a renovated second room
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