4 UK festivals to add to your bucket list


A cinematic, futuristic, virtually astonishing event which, in eight years has grown from an underground blast to a 45,000 capacity complete rave up. Held at Matterley Estate in Winchester, the festival’s design is elaborate and vast; a cobweb of alleys and doorways and facades. From the Wild West to Mayfair Avenue, each area is themed to give the feeling of wandering around the various sets of a film studios. Performers in impeccable costumes play out a narrative that spills out across the weekend, a rather messy and silly next chapter in the history of Boomtown.

Secret Garden Party

After 13 messy, glorious years, the UK’s maddest festival is set to finish, but not until they host one final blow-out event this summer. Despite its sweetly bucolic name Secret Garden Party managed to get itself a reputation as one of the most hedonistic events on the party calendar. A festival full of wacky characters, glitter galore and explosive colouring this one isn’t to be missed!

Lost Village Festival

For one weekend each year, the quiet unassuming Lincolnshire forest becomes the home of Lost Village Festival, an immersive festival experience that brings together tribal banquets, award-winning short films and the finest names in dance music. Lost Village is a festival that is as quirky and welcoming as it is fun. So if you’re looking to start your summer with a b

ang, we’d recommend dusting off your dancing shoes and joining the tribe for Lost Village’s second event.


Bestival is like a psychedelic village fête. There’s always lots of weird and wonderful things going on, from crazy costumes, insane face paint, to just an overall fairytale feel. Last year, someone we know described their first trip to Bestival as ‘like a 40-year-old woman having her first orgasm’, in that festivals finally made sense to him, and he never wanted it to end. Bestival is a party like no other – with the attention to details of a boutique festival spread across the stunning Isle Of Wight creating an atmosphere all of its own.

4 UK festivals to add to your bucket list
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