127 Year Old Man says Ketamine has “Preserved his mind, body & soul”

With witty comebacks and humorous anecdotes his mind is more alert than a rooster at dawn. And having fought in two World Wars, been an elite boxer in 4 weight classes, on top of his trade job as a brick layer, Albert Badgett claims his mind, body & soul has been preserved by using Class B drug, Ketamine.

“I first discovered the benefits of taking Ketamine when I was 17 after I broke my leg on my father’s farm. We lived about 20 or so miles from the nearest doctor, and in 1906, ambulances weren’t in existence, or a health service for that matter.

Luckily, my father was a self-trained veterinarian and would use Ketamine as an anaesthetic if any of the livestock needed treatment. When he found me, he rushed to the barn to grab his medical kit. When he returned, he blew a handful of powder into my face and after around 5 minutes, I couldn’t feel my legs, my face… anything!

I don’t remember much after that, apart from coming round next to the fire with my leg in a splint. It was then I realised the true power of Ketamine.”

The happy go lucky chap, originally from Norfolk, has formulated the perfect method for taking Ketamine and the correct dosage, which he was reluctant to share. He joked:

“If everyone knew it, I wouldn’t be special would I! Moderation is key, and Ketamine is always on one!”

Albert warns of the dangers if Ketamine is taken irresponsibly, but praises it for keeping him well in touch with who he is. He turns 128 in May this year!

127 Year Old Man says Ketamine has “Preserved his mind, body & soul”
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