Boy ‘grounded for life’ after mum finds ‘Just Do Ket’ t-shirt in the wash


A lad in Glasgow has been “grounded for life” after his mum found a t-shirt which reads JUST DO KET in his laundry.

Sean Gallagher, 18, has been a fan of a Facebook page called Ketflix and Pills for the past few months. The page delivers rave & festival comedy to the masses and usually makes humorous references to drugs, especially Ketamine.

When Ketflix and Pills launched their clothing in February earlier this year, it was met with mixed opinions. With prints reading things such as Come Down With Me, Shrooms & Balloons and Yes Charlie. The novelty clothing is aimed at people who enjoy making a statement at raves and festivals, and not to be taken as a serious clothing brand, though with it’s popularity, it’s heading that way.

Sean was attracted to one of their bestsellers. A grey T-shirt reading JUST DO KET.

“I think it’s funny as fuck. Mum went nuts, but she takes everything too serious. I told her it’s just a t-shirt, but she weren’t having none of it”.

“I was more annoyed he used my pay pal account to buy it. Now my statement says I purchased a druggy shirt! Sean’s dad is going to ask questions when he’s home next week”.

Sean’s mum has grounded him indefinitely, but she admitted she never sticks to it because Sean’s a ‘good lad really’. She goes on to say, “I know the shirt is harmless”.

His mum was going to throw it away, but said it would be a waste of a good quality t-shirt.


Boy ‘grounded for life’ after mum finds ‘Just Do Ket’ t-shirt in the wash
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