First man dead after smoking cannabis not actually dead, just really stoned

Some of us have been there before. One moment you’re laughing in hysterics at memes on Instagram and sending your pals links to midget porn, then you smoke another spliff and it’s game over. The weed coma hits and you sit and mong out with an empty brain for what feels like years, before coming back to reality and ordering pizza and sticking on the PS4.

This, however, wasn’t the case for Tom Ashton from Derby, who was believed to be dead after being found on Sunday morning by his neighbours.

“I hadn’t heard from Tom in a few days”, his next door neighbour, Mary tells us. “He always comes round on Tuesdays to help me with my bins, without fail! But not this week”. We caught up with Mary’s son, Rich who discovered Tom.

“Mam came rushing up to me asking if I’d go check on Tom cus she hadn’t seen him. I told her not to worry cus he’s a grown man and he’s maybe gone on holiday or somewhere… “Nooo” she says, “He would have said something. He always let’s me know if he can’t help with the bins”. So to keep mam happy I went and gave him a knock. No answer. So I peer through blinds and I see Tom’s legs. He’s only sat on the bloody couch! So I yell and bang and he don’t move and inch. I called mam to get an ambulance and then kicked the front door in”. Richard goes on to say:

“When I got inside, I see Tom, sat on couch, pale as a sheet. Lifeless. So I give him a nudge and he don’t move. Now, I never seen a dead body before. Obviously on TV with those crime dramas and what not, but never in real life. Scared shite out of me it did!”

When the ambulance arrived on the scene, Tom was still showing no signs of life. But after a couple of minutes, one of the paramedics heard what sounded like Tom trying to speak.

“He was trying to talk, but it I couldn’t hear what he was saying”, the paramedic tells us. “I put my ear over his mouth and I could faintly hear “What day is it?”.

The emergency team called to the scene later confirmed that Tom had smoked so much cannabis that his body shut down, almost as though he were dead. A phenomenon never seen before from the consumption of cannabis.

“It’s an interesting case. One I have never witnessed”, says Dr Timothy Rawson. “No one has ever died from smoking cannabis! My only theory is that Tom had smoked himself into what we are now calling ‘Green Coma’, the term used to describe a cannabis overdose”.

Cannabis is the safest recreational and medicinal drug with healing, calming and curing properties. Just be sensible, or you’ll end up in a Green Coma!

First man dead after smoking cannabis not actually dead, just really stoned
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