Girl shocked to discover ‘Pilly Willy’ isn’t a myth

Kelly Anne Smith, 21, was taken by surprise last week after bedding Freddy Askew after a rave, only to realise he’d been struck by the dreaded “Pilly Willy”

For those who don’t know, Pilly Willy is when a bloke has taken pills and the effects control the actions of your penis eg it will not erect for the duration of the effect of the drug. Cocaine and MDMA have also been reported as having the same effects.

“I’d heard boys talk about having Pilly Willy before, but I didn’t think it was an actual thing until I got with Freddy last week!”

We asked a handful of guys to share their PW experiences.

Jack, 23 from Hove – “Ah Pilly Willy’s a killer! Like in your mind you want to do it, but your dick has other plans!”

Craig, 27 from Leicester – “For me, Pilly Willy’s hit and miss. I’m either rock steady ready or Giles just lets me down and embarrasses me. I don’t bother risking it anymore”

Luke, 25 from London – “I think I’ve learned my limit. If you do too much, ain’t no chance he’s getting up. But if you let the pills wear off a bit and then give it a go, chances are you’ll have the lass screaming for hours because you can’t finish”
So, for every girl out there in Kelly’s shoes, Pilly Willy is a thing. For the blokes, there is no shame.

Girl shocked to discover ‘Pilly Willy’ isn’t a myth
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