Shock as couple who raved together, did not stay together

Daniel Hayland and Katy Wilkes, both 26 from Liverpool, were childhood sweethearts. Having grown up as neighbours, attending the same school for 11 years and even sharing their first kiss, it seemed as though the stars were aligned for them to have a happy ever after.

“She loved the rave man! We’d go out every weekend to one party or another. Getting on it, dancing, heading back home to carry on the after party. We lived for the sesh!”

Daniel and Katy loved raving so much, they thought they’d do a season in Ibiza this year to really show how committed they were to each other, and the rave.

“We got along okay like. Like really okay! I love him. But I love the rave and getting out me face more than he does. Give me an overplayed house tune and a bag of Ket and I’m happy. I just don’t think Dan can handle the lifestyle anymore. He can’t keep up…”

Daniel cut his Ibiza season short after rumours emerged that Katy got “ran through by 3 lads at Jet Apartments” and told him “It was the best she’d ever had”.

“I’m cut up, obviously. She isn’t the girl I thought she was. Or maybe she can just go harder than me. Either way, I think my raving days are over”.

So there we have it. Couples who rave together, don’t necessarily stay together.

Shock as couple who raved together, did not stay together
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