Young lad finds soul-mate in K-hole

We’ve all had that nervous feeling in our stomach. An instantaneous feeling that takes a hold of you and doesn’t let go. You can find it at a party, in a supermarket, on the side line at your little brother’s football match, or on the night bus after a 7 Hour Sven Vath rave. Wherever you find it, love effects everyone differently and makes us do crazy things. But nothing compares to what this young lad from Cardiff did…

“I remember being at a mate’s party. A pretty standard gathering with music, booze, drugs and the odd bird knocking about. I’d just come out of a relationship, so wasn’t really in the mood to be chatting anyone up, so I chilled with a mate in a bedroom upstairs and he pulled out a bag of what I thought to be coke.”

After his friend split a large amount into two straight lines, the young lad snorted one and within 10-minutes, he fell into a K-Hole.

“I’d never taken Ket before. let alone K-Holed. Most of my friends hate falling into one, but my fist time was unreal! I remember a sunset, a beach, some birds in the sky. Then I saw the silhouette of a girl walking through the waves. I ran, slow-motion like towards her. When she turned, I choked up, we held each other for what felt like forever,  we kissed, looked into each other’s eyes and as soon as she mouthed “I love you” I was back in my mates bedroom on my own”.

Higher doses of Ketamine can bring back memories and flashbacks through intense hallucinations. It can also cause a sense of being, or “self” within another dimension.

“Since finding my soul-mate in my first K-Hole, I take a massive amount whenever I can to go chill on the beach with her. Laura’s her name. And she’s beautiful.”

Moral of this story is, know the difference between Ketamine and Cocaine.

Young lad finds soul-mate in K-hole
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