$5 million dollars put forward for MDMA medical testing

American soap company Dr Bronner’s has agreed to donate $5 million to Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) in an effort to get MDMA approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.

With the drug currently being used in psychotherapy trails throughout the US, it was recently given the all go to enter into Phase 3.

Dr Bronner’s will provide $1 million a year for five years, making up a total budget of $25 million.

CEO David Bronner said: “There is tremendous suffering and pain that the responsible integration of MDMA for treatment-resistant PTSD will alleviate and heal. To help inspire our allies to close the funding gap, my family has pledged $1 million a year for five years – $5 million total – by far our largest gift to an NGO partner to date.

“In part, we were inspired by the incredible example of Ashawna Hailey, former MAPS Board member, who gave MAPS $5 million when she died in 2011.”

Phase 3 trials were authorised at the end of last year after trials on people suffering from post-traumatic stress and victims of sexual assault.

The drug is also being used for trials in New Zealand as a means to cure tinnitus. Really?

$5 million dollars put forward for MDMA medical testing
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