Mass Events Only Allowed Once There is a COVID Vaccine

Mass events in the Netherlands with a rural appearance may only be allowed again in a year’s time, writes Minister De Jonge (Public Health) in a letter to the House of Representatives.



According to the minister, there must first be a vaccine against the coronavirus and no one knows when that vaccine will be available. “We hope of course soon, but a year or more is very real,” the letter says.

It is not clear exactly which massive events with a rural appearance are involved. Events subject to licensing, including matches in professional football, are in any case prohibited until 1 September.

Theaters and concert halls

What is clear is that concert halls and theaters will be able to receive groups of a maximum of thirty people from 1 June, and from 1 July that will be a hundred people. This must be done on the basis of a reservation and guests must be given a seat, with the 1.5 meter rule being maintained.

The dates of June 1 and July 1 are subject to change. If the number of hospital admissions nevertheless increases drastically, the decision can be revised.

Mass Events Only Allowed Once There is a COVID Vaccine
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