MDMA now the most available drug in two decades

Is it time to crack down on student house parties? Apparently so!

Concerns are growing regarding the HUGE student parties being thrown by students in UK cities such as Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and Bristol.

Newcastle City Council have made claims that they have come across 136 in the past 8 months, with the students attending stating that they are suffering with severe comedowns due to the drug MDMA which is now “the strongest available in two decades.”

Claire Dean, a spokeswoman for drug counselling service Lifeline, said: “For the first time we are having people coming to us with problems relating to MDMA; we have never seen that before.

“It is a danger to promising student careers. These drugs in the strength we are now seeing have a four-day comedown period; these kids are walking around like glass, unable to function.”

A task force as been set up in the North- East of England to try and control these parties, parties attracting hundreds of people. These properties are deemed unsafe to hold so many people, with a risk of creating a “perfect storm” of casualties.

MDMA now the most available drug in two decades
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