Revealed! Which Countries Have The Highest Cocaine Use?

No matter where you’re from or where you go out in the UK, there’s a huge chance that you will have encountered cocaine. The party scene across the world is rife with the stuff, and a majority of club goers have dabbled with it, or at the least, know someone who has.

New statistics published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime show just how widespread the use of coke is and which countries it’s most prevalent in.

Here are the top 20 ranked by how high a percentage of the population use the drug:

1. Albania – 2.5

2. Scotland – 2.34

3. United States – 2.3

4. England and Wales – 2.25

5. Spain – 2.2

6. Australia – 2.1

7. Uruguay – 1.8

8. Chile – 1.73

9. Netherlands – 1.6

10. Ireland – 1.5

11. Canada – 1.46

12. Aruba – 1.3

13. Bermuda – 1.3

14. Ghana – 1.1

15. Italy – 1.1

16. France – 1.1

17. Israel – 1.07

18. Iceland – 1.06

19. Costa Rica – 1.06

20. Luxembourg – 1.04

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Albania at number one is a bit surprising, as is Scotland coming in at number two.

Columbia, the biggest exporter of cocaine, ranks all the way down at 34. This may come as a surprise, but even though the production of the drug is big business, only a very small percentage of the population actually use it.

African and Middle Eastern countries report the lowest levels of cocaine use.

The map below shows the world according to prevalence of cocaine use as a percentage of the population, according to the most recent statistics available on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime website. Those countries or territories that appear in darker colours consume the most cocaine, those in lighter colours consume the least (there is no data available for those nations in grey). The data corresponds to a variety of reporting years, so does not offer a perfect comparison, but gives a good indication of the nations that have the biggest appetite for cocaine.



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Revealed! Which Countries Have The Highest Cocaine Use?
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